Nintendo Switch Can't Be Brought Outside But It's A 'Portable' Console?

Nintendo fans will still have to wait a week before Nintendo Switch's release and before the review embargo lifts on March 1. This means everyone will have to take what they can get from hands-on previews from those lucky enough to get intimate with the Switch. Possibly the most disheartening first impression from the console is its display screen which many found lacking.

Nintendo Switch Can't Be Taken Outside

Although the trailer Nintendo released for their console, the Nintendo Switch, looks promising enough to convince everyone they can take it outside and play with their friends on rooftops Engadget seemed to have experienced otherwise. According to them, although the display was bright and bold indoors, it was no match for sunlight due to the screen's high reflectivity and it was even an issue during a cloudy day. Players will probably find it difficult to make out any image under sunlight, which could be a problem for the Switch since its main advertised factor is its portability.

Aside from the weak performance of its screen, the lack of games available for the Nintendo Switch can be its biggest problem yet. According to WIRED, initial sales will determine the number of publishers that will develop more games for the console. If the Switch however, doesn't fair well in the market upon its release, the shortage of games will definitely become a big problem.

Nintendo Switch Is Optimistic

 To round up other cons, the Nintendo Switch can't last in long trips, isn't made to compete against the PS4 and Xbox One, and has an appallingly low internal storage. However, the Switch is a well-designed hardware with a fast system and offers detachable 'Joy-cons' so anyone can play with friends. The future for this console is quite frankly optimistic due to the fact that it's something fresh and new from Nintendo. And just like Nintendo, everyone is hoping it won't be like the Wii U all over again.

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