Caitlyn Jenner Responds To Donald Trump On Tragic Transgender Policy

Caitlyn Jenner has always been open about being on Donald Trump's side the entire election since she is a Republican as well. However, when the latter withdrew federal protections for transgender students in schools, Jenner had to speak up against him.

Caitlyn Jenner's "Coming Out" An Inspiration For The LGBT Community

It cannot be denied that Caitlyn Jenner is currently one of the most prominent and influential member of the transgender community. When she came out, everyone was overjoyed of her admission and being true to herself, despite being one of the most famous figures in show business having married to the Kardashian clan. Nevertheless, when admitted to having become a transgender, everyone was supportive of her decision and has stood by her side amidst the criticisms. She has also been an open Republican, and has supported the newly-elected president Donald Trump. However, when he announced his decision to withdraw the protection against transgender students in school, Jenner was obviously mortified.

Tweets To Reassure Transgender Kids; Calls Out To President Trump To Fix Issues

Jenner took to Twitter to post a video of her, first addressing to the transgender kids, reassuring them of their safety. It cannot be denied that they are the most bullied of all aspects or groups in life, and that they also deserve to be treated and respected as human beings, regardless of their choice of identity. Thus, Jenner assured the kids that it may be hard for them to keep on fighting now, but will soon gain the full freedom in their nation that they rightfully deserve. She then addressed the Republicans, calling them weak and sick for being bullies. She says that they pick on kids because they are weak themselves and choose to belittle others to feed their own insecurities in life.

Lastly, she addressed a statement to President Donald Trump. She called out on him, asking him what happened to the promise he made to protect the LGBTQ community when he was still running for the position he currently is in right now. However, she tells him that this is a disaster that he can fix. The White House didn't respond immediately to Jenner's statements.

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