'NCIS' Season 14: Vance Resigns, Character To Enter Politics?

By Stephen Tapulao , Feb 25, 2017 03:30 AM EST

Spoilers regarding the upcoming "NCIS" Season 14 Episode 17 easily spread online. Sources revealed that the upcoming episode might feature Flemming persuading Vance to bid goodbye on his job and say hello to politics. The 17th episode of the show is titled "What Lies Above" and news reported that Vance might take Flemming's suggestion.

'NCIS' Season 14 Episode 17: Flemming Persuades Vance

According to Movie News Guide, Congresswoman Flemming would do everything that she can to convince Vance in changing his career path. News reported that the upcoming episode might feature Vance trying to decide as to what he would want to actually pursue. If he leaves his current position, his post will be vacant and fans couldn't think of someone who could actually suffice his performance.

As per sources, the episode would also give a sneak peek as to who would replace Van if he actually gets to choose politics over his current job. There has been a speculation that Gibbs might be the greatest person to be the successor of the character. In the show's previous episode, it was revealed that Flemming already offered the position to Gibbs despite the fact that Vance is still on the verge of deciding.

News reported that Flemming believed that Gibbs should start transferring his work to someone who is way younger than him. On the other hand, McGee would be in an endless pursuit of finding the robber of his house. As he has gone home, he would witness a great clutter in his house and though that someone is trying to steal something from there.

'NCIS' Season 14 Episode 17: What Happen's To McGee's Apartment?

According to reports, information has been revealed that the former owner of McGee's apartment is a criminal. Speculations suggest that the said criminal must have hidden something important in that place and that he would do everything to get it. The upcoming episode of the show will also feature the agent trying to capture the ex-convict and making him guilty of what he has done.

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