NBA Trade Updates: Andrew Bogut Traded To Philadelphia 76ers; Dallas Mavericks Waives Contract Of Derron Williams

There are hundreds of rumors that went around the NBA lately. Some rumors NBA trade rumors materialized, most didn't. With the deadline reaching its end, there remains a need for NBA trade updates on these done deals.

Andrew Bogut Was Acquired By The Sixers

A report about these NBA trade updates from ESPN revealed that the Dallas Mavericks have traded Andrew Bogut to the Philadephia 76ers. The Mavericks also sent Justin Anderson to the 76ers along with another first-round draft choice. Bogut, a young defensive center, will be joining the center logjam of 76ers. In return, the Mavericks got Nerlens Noel from the 76ers.

It Seems Bogut Is Not Happy With The Deal

It's somehow perplexing that the 76ers did get rid of one of its centers which previous rumors say it wanted to do. However, in doing so, they picked another center in the person of Bogut. Some NBA trade updates say that Bogut is not happy with the logjam he will be in with Joel Embiid and Jahlil Okafor.

Bogut's Agent Is Negotiating A Buyout

According to David Bauman, Bogut's agent, the 76ers tried to find a second trade for Bogut before the trade cutoff. However, they couldn't find one so they're stuck with Bogut right now. Bauman will now start buyout negotiations. This is exactly what Bogut said to Tim MacMahon of ESPN.

Derron William's Contract Was Waived By The Mavs

There are also some reports suggesting that the Dallas Mavericks have waived the contract of Deron Williams. But according to some NBA trade updates, the Cleveland Cavaliers are expected to sign the former All-Star point guard upon clearing his waivers. Some analysts are saying that this will work to the advantage of LeBron James.

Williams Could Be What LeBron James Is Asking For

James has been asking the Cavs for another playmaker and his team might give in to his request. With this NBA trade update, the Mavericks will be joining the Brooklyn Nets which have also invested in the 2017 net worth of Williams. Basically, they continued paying Williams to go and join another team.

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