Mobile Legends: Yi Sun-Shin Guide TO Item And Skills Build

By Noah Sanchez , Feb 25, 2017 09:00 AM EST

The Famous naval commander Yi Shun-Shin has been added to the roster of heroes in the February update of Mobile Legends game. Those players who had already tried using the character claims that Yi Shun-shin is quite difficult to use, especially when it comes to building the character's gear set. A lot of Mobile Legend players do know how important it is to build a gear set for their favorite heroes and upgrade their emblems. Yi Sun-shin may have a set of amazing skills, but these skills are useless if the player does not know how to effectively build his very own gear.

For a powerful character like Sun-shin, it is best to build the emblems by using the Physical Emblem Set. In building Sun-Shin's gear, the players using him needs to put the character's items in order. Mobile Legends players who use Sun-shin knows that he comes with the usual build that includes Thor's Sting, Swift Boots, Tooth of Greed, Blade of Destruction, Wind Chaser and Saint's Refuge. The very first item should be the Tooth of Greed, which will allow Sun-Shin to boost the power of his attacks and his life steal effectiveness. In the game, the life steal feature lets their character heals without having to go back to the base by just hitting enemies.

After building the Tooth of Greed next thing to grab will be the Blade of Destruction. The player must be able to get hold of this in the early part of the game because it can give the hero an edge over his opponents. When Sun-Shin is equipped with this, he will be able to deal heavy Dame to his opponents and degenerate their power. Next on the list are the Magic Shoes, aside from helping the hero move from his opponents faster, it also offers a cooldown of as much as 10 percent of his awesome and powerful skills. Next is the Fallen Sword and Thor's Sting, both will work in boosting his attack speed.


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