Lazy Bear Games' 'Graveyard Keeper' Released First Trailer

Recently, Punch Club studio Lazy Bear Games had announced its next upcoming project entitled, The Graveyard Keeper, which proudly acclaims as the most inaccurate medieval cemetery management simulator of the year. Players will take the role of a head of the fledgling fantasy burial ground, they have to find ways to cut costs, keep the customers non-stop from coming, and do whatever it takes to build a really thriving business.

Just like other popular game simulators, players will be able to explore the game's surrounding countryside, along with the mysterious dungeons, to collect valuable resources and special ingredients to craft new items that should not pose any danger to the neighbors. Players can also hold events like witch burning festivals to scare the locals into going to church every day, just for the player earn enough money for upgrading their very own business.

A demo of Graveyard Keeper will be available at the PAX East in a couple weeks. The game will basically put players into an ethical dilemma while improving the grounds, the home, and church that they live in. Players will also be able to do a bit of dungeon exploring and crawling along with forging partnerships with businesses in town. The game does not have an exact release date yet but Graveyard Keeper will surely be coming out for PC and Xbox One this 2017. Check out the announcement trailer of the game Graveyard Keeper below.

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