Irrational Games, The Studio Behind BioShock Gets Renamed To 'Ghost Story'

Ken Levine, the man, and mind behind BioShock have revealed their new studio named Ghost Story. This Boston-based studio is mostly staff by Irrational Games' former members after it shut down back in 2014.

Irrational Games Rebrands As Ghost Story

On the 23rd of February, the Irrational Games twitter account posted the official rebranding of their studio into Ghost Story and a link to their official website. The twitter account's name was changed to the new name and everything else including the logo was rebranded. Founded by twelve former Irrational Games developers, as was posted on their official website, it's their mission to "create immersive story-driven games for people who love games that ask something of them."

Ghost Story's new focus is to create gameplay as challenging as the stories. Ken Levine and the other members who had a hand in making BioShock says they have been working on their next project and it's been a work in progress for a couple of years now. Ghost Story describes their project, which is still in the early stages of production, a new immersive sci-fi RPG.

Ghost Story Isn't Working On BioShock

As much as fans of the franchise would love to have another BioShock game in their hands, Ghost Story isn't working on another sequel and are eager to be working on their maiden game instead. However, publisher 2K has received the rights to develop new games for BioShock which mean it's not the end for the franchise. Fans can await their favorite series to return with a new sequel.

Ghost Story says their maiden game will be a smaller title, not as big as the BioShock franchise, but will definitely appeal to BioShock fans. However, their new game, as immersive and challenging as they promise it will be, won't be connected to the beloved franchise at all and will be a completely different game.

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