Google To Roll Out Pixel Phones' Bluetooth Fix Soon

After releasing the February security patch that was just rolled out recently, Google Pixel smartphone users have been reporting about the said device's connectivity issues.  It's been reported that its Bluetooth feature would turn off randomly even though the paired devices were within range. The company has now acknowledged the feedback from the users and promises to deliver a fix for it soon.

Google And The Pixel Owners

According to an article at Gizbot, Google has acknowledged the issue in its product forum page regarding the reports posted by Pixel on the latest February security build (NOF26V/NOF26W) where the Bluetooth feature disables at random times. To investigate further on what causes the issue, the company has also asked a number of questions such as: "Are there any patterns for when you experience this? Is it only after using a specific app? When you go into Bluetooth through settings, is it disabled completely?"

After gathering more information, Google has apparently identified a fix for the issue and will be rolling it out in an upcoming release. Orrin, Pixel Community Manager even promised to post details of the possible fix. In regards to when the fix will likely come, the same article believes that it could be next month.

Other Ways To Deal With The Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

In the meantime, while waiting for Google to roll out the fix, there are some suggestions given by Pixel owners on how to deal with the Bluetooth connectivity issue. According to Trusted Reviews, One user suggested to not optimize both the Bluetooth MIDI Services and Bluetooth Share, and select either one of the two to see which works out the best. Another user suggested clearing the app data for the Bluetooth MIDI services and Bluetooth Share. And lastly, users may also try the usual factory reset as a last resort. But before doing so, just make sure to backup the data before wiping the device.

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