Samsung Released 31 New Smartphones Last Year, Beats Direct Competitions

Recent analytics unveiled that Samsung has released a total of 31 new smartphones last year. Comparing to nine other manufacturers, online statistics Statista revealed that Samsung has the most number of released smartphones in 2016. Lenovo went in second place with a total number of 26 smartphones and Huawei came in third with a total of 22 devices. Apple came in last with a total of only three smartphones.

The interesting thing here is that while Samsung was able to beat its rivals, it wasn't able to beat itself. Samsung's figure was actually down from what it held years ago. Sam Mobile said that the company released 56 smartphones more than two years ago. However, after a massive 49 percent drop in revenue, Samsung said that it would reduce its lineup by up to 30 percent. Based on the current statistics, it looks like the company has been true to its word as only 31 phones came out of Samsung's doors in 2016.

Needless to say, the smartphone giant was still able to beat its competitions. It even beats Apple, Samsung's utmost rival when it comes to popularity, who at this time, is at the bottom of the list. As for the complete data, it was revealed that ZTE ranks at number four with 24 released smartphones and LG ranks at number five with 19 smartphones. Xiaomi then beats HTC as the two companies released 19 and 18 smartphones respectively. Vivo and Oppo are at the bottom three with total numbers of 13 and 9 devices respectively.

Nevertheless, the statistics only revealed the number of smartphones that these manufacturers have released in the past year. These rankings don't exactly measure the companies' overall success. They also didn't necessarily indicate the revenue that the companies acquired for their released handsets. Take note that Samsung went through some losses with the Note 7 recall which may have also led to Apple's added profit.

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