HTC's Next Verizon Phone Will Be 'A Big Deal': HTC One? Droid DNA 2? Something Even Better?

The HTC One is a very popular smartphone, I even considered it the best Android smartphone ever to be released. I'm a Verizon subscriber and was bummed that the carrier passed on such an amazing smartphone. Many Verizon subscribers feel the same way: as we watch our AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile friends have the option of buying the HTC One, our closest choice is the HTC Droid DNA. It's no HTC One, but HTC is now giving us a hint that there might be an HTC One or better on the horizon for Verizon customers.

In a Yahoo Live Chat titled, "Has HTC topped Apple and Samsung with this phone?" HTC executives spoke with people online and took questions and gave answers. When asked if the HTC One would be coming to Verizon in the future, Tom Harlin, HTC's director of public relations, gave this response:

"There are tons of rumors online but we haven't made any official announcement about HTC One coming to Verizon. The DROID DNA continues to be the HTC hero smartphone at Verizon. It launched in late 2012, its features still compete with products in 2013. When we announce our next product with Verizon, we'll make a big deal about it so you're all aware."

While we don't get anything definitive out of his comment, except when HTC and Verizon announced a new device, there are a few things to remember. HTC needs to sell as many smartphones as possible; the HTC One looks like it is the beginning of HTC's comeback. HTC's investors realize the HTC One is a hit and there's no better time to strike than while the iron is hot, and offer either an HTC One variant, or something even better to a carrier as large as Verizon.

The leaked HTC DLXPLUS we reported on a few weeks ago sounds like this could be what HTC and Verizon are going to make a big deal about. The HTC DLXPLUS is believed to be a flagship HTC smartphone that is heading to Verizon in the near future. Verizon subscribers will have to wait a little longer, but hopefully the wait will be worth it. Especially if the smartphone is anything like the current HTC One or even better.

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