‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 80-83 Recap, Spoilers: Cruel Plan Of Omni Kung, Future Trunks Arc Manga Version Revealed; Episode 81 Trailer Released

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 80 unveiled the real purpose of the Tournament of Power. It was revealed that Omni-King has used this competition as his excuse to obliterate the universes that he thinks are not operating according to his standards. This episode showed that Universe 7 was just given a chance to save itself.

The Omni-King Thinks That There Are Just Too Many Universes

According to the Grand Priest, the 12 universes in "Dragon Ball Super" are ranked based on the quality of their mortals. The Omni-King believes that there are just too many universes and he wants to eliminate those universes that are performing below par. At the very bottom of the rankings are Universe 9 and Universe 7. Their respective scores are 1.86 and 3.18.

Universe 7 and 9 Has Mortals Of Low Quality

Because of the higher quality of their mortals, the Grand Priest also revealed that Universes 1, 12, 5 and 8 are exempted from the tournament. However, he did not reveal their rankings in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 80. But he said that their ratings are more than 7. It still remains unclear if the fighters in these universes will be given their chances to show their powers in the competition.

Future Trunks Arc Will Change Slightly

In the following "Dragon Ball Super" episodes 81 and 82, the Future Trunks Arc will change its course. Its Manga version has slightly backtracked and showed that there are 18 universes in the past. However, the King of All destroyed six of the universes at the time when he got angry many eons ago.

The Manga version also featured Goku Black, the demonic god, and Zamasu eliminating all the gods in the future timeline of Trunk. In addition, the creators of the anime version have also recently released the trailer "Dragon Ball Super" episode 81. Its title is "Crusher Bergamo vs. Son Goku! Which Has Sky-High Strength?"

Some Fans Complain That The Anime Is Losing Its Sense Of Urgency

Some "Dragon Ball Super" anime fans are complaining that the series appears to have lost its sense of urgency. They say that the powers and abilities of the characters in the series seem to be already way off the charts. Fans can get a taste of episode 81 by watching the teaser trailer below.

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