Samsung Claims Its New Hybrid Tablet Will Phase-Out Laptops

Samsung has developed a new laptop that, as they claim, will replace any other laptop in the market right now. The up and coming Samsung Galaxy Book series is a hybrid tablet-slash-laptop capable of running Windows 10, and the company has also announced the Galaxy Tab S3, which is an all-glass tablet focused on multimedia.

Samsung Introduces Their New Line Of Laptops

During the Mobile World Congress event held today in Barcelona, Korean tech company Samsung has officially revealed two new types of tablets today: a high-performance Galaxy Book series featuring full desktop PC capabilities, and a sleeker, all-glass Galaxy Tab S3, a tablet that is optimized exclusively for entertainment. According to BuzzFeed, price and availability of the two laptops have not been disclosed during the event.

About the Galaxy Tab S3

The Galaxy Tab S3 may look just like any other Samsung Tablet, but it is all covered up in a sleeker mirrored glass case. It features a 9.7-inch AMOLED screen with 2048 × 1536 resolution, featuring HDR, 10-bit color support for watching Netflix and browse Facebook.

There is a total of four speakers that detect tablet rotation and it can change the audio output to reflect whether the device is in landscape or portrait mode. It's slightly heavier than the previous Tab S2 at .928 pounds, and Samsung also claims it to have 12-hour battery life.

About the Galaxy Book Series

The Galaxy Book series is, according to Gizmodo, Samsung's answer to the Microsoft Surface and the iPad Pro. It is a laptop designed with productivity and multitaskers in mind.

The Galaxy Book is a convertible laptop/tablet hybrid that comes in two version of 10.6-inch and a 12-inch. The device's most notable capability is its capacity to run the Windows 10 OS, indicating that it can easily go from a full touchscreen tablet to a true laptop PC.

At 7.6mm thick, the hybrid device is super slim and weighs only a pound and a half. It also features 2 USB-C ports intended for accessories or monitors.

The Galaxy Book also has an S Pen and a backlit keyboard. With all things said, it's no denying that both laptops are truly impressive and can potentially pose a challenge to other laptop brands out there.

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