Horizon Zero Dawn: The Truth Behind Guerilla Games Entering The RPG World

By Noli Teves , Feb 27, 2017 03:40 AM EST

The upcoming game, "Horizon Zero Dawn" shows that anything is possible for game companies these days. This is because the game is the very first RPG game of Guerilla Games.

It has been reported that Sony risked a lot of things for "Horizon Zero Dawn". It is also said that a huge amount of money was spent for this five-year project of Guerilla Games.

Game Changer

As of now, "Horizon Zero Dawn" is pretty much a success if one was to consider the reviews. In the case of Guerilla Games, the developer of "Horizon Zero Dawn", things are a bit more challenging as this is not the regular game type that they are used to making.

Surely, tackling something that is different would surely be a risk, not only for the developer but for the console itself. According to VG247, Joel Eschler, the senior producer in Guerilla Games says that challenging oneself and trying out different things is necessary if one was to achieve more success.

The people at Guerilla Games felt that they had something more inside of them. One can clearly see that they have the confidence needed to risk things up and take on a different game genre with the "Horizon Zero Dawn".

The Need For Change In Guerilla Games

According to Rappler, Eschler then says that they excel in a technological and artistic standpoint, which is why they decided to have an RPG-like type of game. He also wanted to show that people can expect anything from Guerilla Games.

He doesn't want other competing game studios to get their players, just because they don't have a variety of games. This all lead to the creation of "Horizon Zero Dawn".

With this, one can see that it all started out as a means of competing effectively with other game studios. With all of these being said, one can then say that "Horizon Zero Dawn" is pretty much worth trying out.

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