Google Assistant Is Coming To More Android Devices

In a moment in which Android devices are expected to be more competitive and popular than ever, a new report reveals that the Google assistant will now be available for these smartphones. For many analysts, this represents a major surprise, given the fact that so far, the voice-assistant was exclusive for the Google Pixel phones, which were some of the greatest mobile devices last year.

The Google Assistant Will Start Rolling Out This Week

Nevertheless, the Google assistant will soon be available for any smartphone that runs the latest version of the Android operating system. Of course, this is something that would represent a major leap of quality in these mobile devices, considering that it will allow its users to interact with apps and ask questions, just like Siri in the iPhones.

Apparently, the first smartphone that will receive the Google assistant will be the LG G6, which is expected to become one of the most spectacular flagships this year, and a major competitor for Samsung. This Google update will start rolling out this week to users with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow or 7.0 Nougat installed on their smartphones.

Google Wants More People To Use Its Assistant

Although many other voice assistants are characterized by being extremely efficient, this one differs from the rest in the way in which it can prompt conversations with users and respond to the follow-up queries. Given this situation, many analysts believe that this is something that it would definitely represent a concerning situation for Apple since its competitors now would have an improved product to offer.

According to tech analyst Ian Fogg, the fact that the tech giant allowed the availability of the Google Assistant to more mobile devices is a natural step since this is part of a strategy in which the company wants more people to use its assistant. So far, this will be available only to English-speaking users but is expected that it could extend to other languages in the near future.

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