Seiko Plans To Re-release The Iconic Watch Steve Jobs Was Wearing In Time Magazine

Seiko is collaborating with Tokyo-based retailer Nano Universe to develop its limited edition of Chariot series. The Japanese watchmaker aims to re-release the watch that was worn by former Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, designed and sported in a 1984 Norman Seeff portrait, which was made the cover of Time Magazine.

Seiko Chariot: Future Sell Out

According to Tech Radar, the Seiko Chariot re-release will be exclusive to Japan with about 2,000 watches made available for $180. The original watch worn by Apple's big boss, the 1984 Seiko Chariot, was auctioned off for $42,500 in Feb. 26, which made Seiko optimistic that the re-release will sell out.

The original Seiko Chariot had 33 mm size and Seiko plans to showcase it with a slightly larger design, which measures at 37.5 mm. The watchmaker giant will sell 1,982 units of Seiko Chariot with a white face and another 300 units in a black version. The Seiko Chariot will go on sale starting March 10.

Iconic Photographs Of Steve Jobs

The most iconic picture of Steve Jobs illustrates him sitting on the floor in Woodside, California home while holding the first Macintosh in his lap, which also shows him wearing a simple Seiko watch on his wrist. Photographer Norman Seeff took the iconic image in 1984 where Jobs is seen sitting criss-cross on the floor. Seeff described that they were talking about creativity and everyday stuff in Jobs' living room. The photoshoot had no conceptualization. However, they never thought that it would become a magazine cover.

Steve Jobs: One of Apple's Big Boss

Steve Jobs was an American entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc. who was born in San Francisco and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jobs was diagnosed with a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor in 2003 and died on Oct. 5, 2011, of respiratory arrest.


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