'Shiny Hunter' Beats Pokemon Champs At Big Tournament

In the face of reigning Pokemon Goliaths, a 'shiny hunter' who is basically new to the world of competitive Pokemon doubles defeated the world champion and a two-time US National champion, during the One Nation of Gamers Pokemon Invitational weekend tournament. Known as aDrive, A full-time YouTuber successfully pulled off a David when he won both matches in the competition.

The UnderDrive Of Pokemon Doubles

According to Kotaku, some of the best players are competing against each other in the tournament, all of which have an amazing VGC Pokemon portfolio. On the other hand, Dan Clap, also known as aDrive is a full-time YouTuber whose channel mainly focuses on Pokemon content, and this is the first time he started playing competitively in the doubles when he was known for playing competitively in singles. aDrive is a shiny hunter who livestreams his repetitive endeavor of catching rare and shiny Pokemon.

According to Kevin Dong, the organizer of the tournament, aDrive has a huge following from the Pokemon community, most of which don't watch competitive play. Adding aDrive to the roster of accomplished VGC players might encourage his loyal fans to watch. Dan says in one of his YouTube videos that he's been training incessantly but nonetheless, no one expected him to win in any set.

Pokemon And aDrive Versus The World

Dan 'aDrive' Clap won against Glick in his first match and everyone from the community was shocked.They also thought that aDrive wasn't going to win against Aaron Zheng. However, aDrive won that match too and people from the community started to believe in him.

aDrive told Compete in an interview that there was no pressure for him at all. He said he's also looking forward to a very optimistic future as a VGC player in the community. Everyone who wishes to watch the second day of the tournament can click here.

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