'NCIS' Season 14: Mark Harmon To Continue Until Next Installment; Vance To Get Gibb's Position

By Stephen Tapulao , Feb 28, 2017 03:00 AM EST

With all the speculations and the rumors that "NCIS" Season 14 is currently facing, one confirmation has been proven true by the show's creators. Mark Harmon will still continue portraying his role as the show already concentrates on the life of Bishop and how the character would try to revenge back on her opponents. Sources revealed that Harmon already signed up a contract to stay on the series up until its 15th season, a great indicator that the series itself would be extended for one more installment. Would "NCIS" Season 14 get back to the top again?

'NCIS' Season 14: Show To Be Renewed For Another Season?

According to Movie News Guide, the contract of Mark will end up until the show's 15th installment. News reported that the character of Harmon would be promoted so as to get him out of the fight scenes in the show. Up until this moment, the show's viewership rating is not enough to exceed beyond the ratings of the other series.

This is why speculations that the show won't be having another installment easily spread online. However, with the confirmation that the show will be extended one more time, viewers are really excited to see what they could expect from the hit TV series.

'NCIS' Season 14: Bishop, Gibbs, And Vance

On the other hand, the show's past episodes featured more intense situations in the life of Bishop, Gibbs, and Vance. Publications admitted that Bishop was all pumped up to fight back Chen, who was revealed to be the murderer of his boyfriend. News reported that Bishop already has plans of getting back to Chen. However, she is still waiting for the proper time to keep her triumph easy and seamless.

Meanwhile, Gibbs is still on the verge of deciding if he would accept the promotion given to him. It can be recalled that Flemming already gave him a position in the politics given the fact that he would give up his current work. Sources added that if he would choose politics, Vance is ready and prepared to take on the vacant post that he would be leaving.

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