Children Give Mothers Sleep Deprivation; But Fathers Are Never Affected – Study

Almost all mothers know that raising children makes adequate sleep impossible, now a new study has also confirmed it. The new research states that raising children makes mothers to suffer sleep deprivation while the same cannot be said of fathers. The authors of the study found that for every additional child in a household, mothers will sleep 50% less and less - but the sleep quality of fathers are never affected.

This report was carried out by researchers from Georgia Southern University. It will be presented to other scientists in April at the 69th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology. And it is possible that more research follow the study after it is presented and peer-reviewed for publication in major journals.

About 35% of adults sleep for less than 7-9 hours per night

The researchers analyzed the survey responses of 5,805 men and women who were below the age of 45 in the US for this study. They were asked how long they sleep per night, the number of children in their household, and how easily they get tired per day or month. Women with growing children in their household reported getting tired about 14 days each month, while women without children get tired for an average of 11 days per month, Medical News Today reports.

This study was led by Dr. Kelly Sullivan of Georgia Southern University. She and her research team found that babies' cries and other children disturbances mar a good night's sleep. And it is not surprising that women get tired at work or feel exhausted during the day at home, causing some to doze at the slightest opportunity. For nursing mothers, it is best to sleep more than to suffer sleep deprivation.

The National Sleep Foundation gives advice on getting better sleep

The National Sleep Foundation recommends for adults to sleep an average of 7-9 hours of sleep each night, but about 35% of women can't do this because of their children. Yet the authors of the study say quality and quantity of sleep is an indicator of an individual's overall health in reference to his heart, mind and weight. The researchers also advise women to identify what gives them sleepless nights and work round the problem to get sufficient sleep at all times.

The National Sleep Foundation advises women to rotate night shifts with their partners for more sleep, Fox News reports. It is also sound advice to adjust sleeping time to when babies go to bed, even during the day in order to catch up on lost night sleep. Also, shutting out external noise as well as reducing the nighttime use of tech devices should be done to obtain better, deeper sleep quality.

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