'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 81 Spoilers: Goku Faces Bergamo; Will He Finally Go Super Saiyan?

By stphntapulao , Feb 28, 2017 03:40 AM EST

Fans of "Dragon Ball Super" have been very eager to witness Goku doing his much-awaited Super Saiyan in the series. With this, sources revealed that as the newest arc of "Dragon Ball Super" unfolds, the lead character would finally give what the fans would want to see. It can be recalled that Mr. Buu and Gohan already gave out their maximum potential during battles but Goku remained firm and have stayed calm during fights. However, this will all change when the character faces the strongest warrior of Universe 9 and it seems like fans would witness Goku doing his Super Saiyan that was preserved for a very long time.

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 81: Goku Unleashes His Super Saiyan

According to Comic Book, the upcoming episode of the show would feature Goku trying to do his best to win a fight against the strongest warrior of Universe 9. The hero seems to be having a hard time to triumph over his opponent as he finds him worthy of great attacks and defense.

After the last episode of "Dragon Ball Super", fans were already teased with what could happen next in the hit series. Sources added that the short preview is a sneak peek of what could happen in the battle between Goku and Bergamo. The two seems to be much ready and prepared to fight as they look each other furiously. The clip also showed that Goku will be in his Super Saiyan form as he attacks a gigantic Bergamo.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 81: Did Goku Defeated Bergamo?

Fans believed that Goku would get to win the fight as Beerus was spotted roaming around the arena with a shock on his face. Sources revealed that Goku might have done something great that even Beerus were left ecstatic.

The synopsis given online implicitly stated that the fight must be very intense that the hero would need to unleash his greatest power during the battle. As it was stated:

The Omni-Present Match comes to a head! Does Goku have a shot at victory?! The final battle of the Omni-Present Match is Goku vs Bergamo! Bergamo uses some slick talking to get the stadium on Universe 4's side, turning them completely against Goku and the gang! What's more, Bergamo shows off his ability to turn his opponent's attacks into his own power! How will Goku fight this tricky foe? Crusher Bergamo shows his stuff!!"

"Dragon Ball Super" airs every Saturday on Crunchyroll.

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