Play Nokia's Classic Snake Game On Facebook Messenger

The Nokia 3310 may not be seen in all countries, which means millions of people might not get a chance to play the nostalgic Snake game like the good old times. Today, Facebook Messenger has a solution for that and the app introduces the snake game. Yes, that is right! The original version of Nokia’s unique and classic game Snake is back, and you can easily access and play it on your Facebook Messenger.

On Facebook Messenger

The very nostalgic feels will definitely eat you up because Nokia’s classic game Snake is back. Additional good news is that even if you don't have the new Nokia 3310, you can still play it as long as you have an account in Facebook Messenger. TechRadar outlined how you can get to the game and set a new high score! Not that you can play this game both on mobile and on the desktop.

On Mobile

First, open the Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone and sign in. If you already have it ready, meaning you are already signed in, skip to the first step. Next, input "Snake" on the search bar located on the top part of the app and then tap the game that will be seen in the results After that, just wait for the game introduction to load, tap "Play Now" and select your speed between 1 and 3, then hit the "Play" button. Lastly, set a high score and let your friends know your record from the leaderboard.

On Desktop

The steps on mobile and on the desktop are almost the same. First, open your web browser and go to Sign in to your Facebook account and search “Snake” in the search bar located on the upper left of the screen. Click on the "Snake" in the "Games" section of the lists of results and wait for it to load. Hit the "Play" button and get ready to get the highest score. Like what I said, it is almost the same on mobile since you can also select the speed of your snake and you can also see the leaderboard where your score is ranked.

According to Bustle, the more apples the snake eat, the longer it gets and soon it'll become impossible to continue the game. Inevitably, you're going to either bump into one of the walls or your snake's own body. When the game ends, you'll be redirected to the scores page, which will inform you of your high scores and current rank.


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