Bizarre 'Ring Of Fire Eclipse' Stuns A Number Of Stargazers From The Southern Hemisphere

A significant number of space enthusiast were brought to an awe last Sunday when the moon blocked out the sun in an annular solar eclipse that cloaked more than two dozen countries and three continents in momentary darkness. It was found that the fits solar eclipse for the year has allegedly treated viewers to a rare "ring of fire" in the sky as the said annular eclipse has become visible from parts of the Southern Hemisphere. Experts say that it was called the ring of fire eclipse because when our moon passes between Earth and the Sun it acquires a brief, fiery outline.

The Ring Of Fire Eclipse

According to reports revealed by RT, the eclipse has reportedly lasted for about one minute and 22 seconds; however the lucky ones could feel the temperature drop and see the light blocked out. In some ancient culture belief, it is said that this kind of event serves as an omen, a warning sign of chaos and upheaval. Additionally, the Slooh Community Observatory hosted a live webcast of the annular eclipse, and shared views of the event from Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay at the observatory in Chile, the eclipse peaked at about 8:35 a.m. EST, while creating a halo of light in the sky.

Furthermore, in one of their statements revealed by CBS News, NASA has explained that an annular eclipse is the product of almost the same celestial geometry as a total solar eclipse, wherein from the perspective of some place on Earth, the moon crosses in front of the sun's center. However, NASA continues to explain that an annular eclipse is different in one important way where the moon is too far from Earth to completely obscure the sun, leaving the sun's edges to be exposed, while also producing the 'ring of fire' effect. Apparently, it was found that Sunday's annular eclipse is the first of two solar eclipses that sky watchers will be able to witness to this year, as the next one is set to happen on August 21, which, in turn, is said to be the first total solar eclipse to traverse the continental U.S. in almost 40 years.

Total Solar Eclipse

Meanwhile, for the said total eclipse on August 21, NASA astronomers believe that it will cross the U.S. from west to east, starting in Oregon and ending in South Carolina, with the peak moment of greatest eclipse occurring as the sun passes over Kentucky and Tennessee. Ultimately, during this astronomical event, NASA warns that it's essential to use a proper solar filter or an indirect viewing method for safety purposes.


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