For Honor Character Guide: Mastering The Warlord

The Warlord in For Honor is great on both offense and defense, while his slowness brings about harmony and balance. A fierce Viking warrior fueled by battle, this hero can sustain a lot of damage. Players might have tried their hand at controlling the Warlord, but have not yet unlocked the hero's potential. This guide will help in doing just that- help anyone out there who wishes to master the Warlord in combat.

The Warlord's Defense And Offense In For Honor

The Warlord has an incredibly strong defense. They can take a lot of hits during battle - and under the hands of a good For Honor player, he might not take any damage at all. The Warlord has special abilities that let him block from all angles and interrupt an attack from the enemy before it lands. Spamming buttons with the Warlord won't work due to his slower movement so his every move should be measured and not on impulse.

The Warlord is close ranged when it comes to offense, and uses both his gladius and shield to dish enemies out. He relies mainly on his strong defense and counter-attacks. His combos are basic but work efficiently against his enemies in For Honor.

Warlord's Playstyle In For Honor

Every player who loves Dominion is either one of two things: they are not Peacekeepers or they probably are Warlords. 4v4 Dominion is where the Warlord's amazing ability to sustain damage is put in the spotlight. The Warlord can capture objective on his own. So to become an effective Warlord during Dominion, the best tip is to avoid being all over the place, and use the many attacks with pushback effect in the Warlords arsenal and utilize environmental traps.

The Warlord in For Honor may have a bit of difficulty in 4v4 since his main bread and butter are his counter-attacks which are less effective during a clash of four people attacking spontaneously. To win 2v2 and 1v1 is simple, practice those counters and stuns. That's how to master the Warlord in For Honor.

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