Stephen Curry Unusually In Inaccurate Game But Warriors Still Smoking Hot

The Golden State Warriors held unbalance with their game with the Philadelphia 76ers 119-108. In the type of game, they'd have perhaps a wasted season. Although Golden State still isn't a high free throw team score, the acquisition of Kevin Durant (27 points, 11 free throws on Monday) has helped them big time. On Monday, they were victorious at the stripe, by bashing their way to 33/39 free throw attempts which they have made.

Most Missed Free Throws Game Ever

"I knew we'd go to the line more this year, just based on Kevin's existence, but this was pretty histrionic," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said after the game. "I mean, 39 free throws and almost all of them were affected with such gameplay. It's not like they were fouling to stay in it. I was happy. I think it made up for the fact that we couldn't make a 3, but we were getting good shots and offensive and putting a lot of weight on the defense. All good stuff, though."

Missed 3-Points Basket Play

On an unexpectedly warm Northeast night, the Warriors brought a chill ambiance. They began the game just off from the basket, going 1-out-of-16 on 3-pointers to close the first half and ending 6-out-of-29 for the entire game. Stephen Curry was especially out of tricks to show, with two early bird air balls, and finish the game to 0-for-11 from downtown. That succeeds as the most missed shots he has made in his career, and it ties the NBA record shared by Utah Jazz Trey Burke and Boston Celtic Antoine Walker for most 3-points misses made.

"The weatherman said it was like a low-pressure system that was coming in, and I forgot to adjust to the fineness of the air, the thickness of the air, whatever it is," Curry wryly said. "It happens, but you've got to find other ways to try to influence the game, whether it's trying to get to the paint a little bit more, defensively just trying to make plays."

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