Half-Life 3 Fades From Limelight Because It's Too Expensive

Half-Life 3 has been fading in and out of the limelight every time Valve teases everyone - every hoping fan - about the possibility of the continuation of the franchise, only to have those hopes crushed over and over again for over nine years. Yet, people cling to this hope that they'd be able to finally close a chapter of the greatest mystery in PC gaming history. What happened to Half-Life 3?

What Happened To Half-Life 3?

YouTube channel Looper pointed out the factors that ultimately played a role in the delay - and eventually the vanishing of Half-Life 3 from Valve's list of priorities. It's true that the continuation of the story exists, possibly in early development stages gathering dust as much as the fans' fallen tears, but what made Valve decide that it's not worth the attention it deserves? However, they continue to release games like Portal and Team Fortress 2.

Although Looper pointed out many factors that might have played a part in Half-Life 3's transition to vaporware status, like the hype was too big, the main writer Marc Laidlaw retired, and internal politics, the most notable reason that got everyone's attention is because Half-Life 3 is expensive. It makes sense since Valve hasn't created another title since 2013 when Dota 2 was released. Many of Valve's games like Left 4 Dead and Portal were developed by other companies while Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Day of Defeat and Team Fortress 2 started out as mods.

Half-Life 3 Is Not Worth It

The Half-Life franchise is the only game that they developed from scratch since it moved to Steam, a more profitable venture. Publishers get 70 percent of the profit from the games while Valve gets 30. The Half-Life saga consumed a lot of money to develop, however, it's not completely off the mark to assume that Valve thinks Half-Life 3 is simply not worth the time and money. To know more about the subject, watch the video below!

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