UFO In Australia Sparks Alien Theory Frenzy On Facebook

A mysterious fireball dropping from the Tasmanian skyline have sparked UFO theories in Australia. Facebook users quickly got into a frenzy of posting their own alien theories about extraterrestrial life finally making contact with earth. Others think the aliens have more sinister plot in mind, but some experts also commented on the social media platform that it could be something less exciting.

Striking footage of the object filmed by Sorell resident Lee-Anne Peters have made others to speculate the UFO as something from the International Space Station, meteorites, plane contrails, or spacecraft from another planet as among the mix of possibilities. Ms. Peters says that she got her binoculars out to see what the object really could be, and initially thought that it was a meteorite. However, the object was too slow moving to be a meteorite, and she later thought that it was plane contrails.

The UFO in Australia have also made others think of more outlandish theories such as aliens finally coming to earth. A lot of Facebook users say that it looked more like an alien spaceship due to its irregularities and unfamiliar shape. However, University of Tasmania's head of the School of Physical Sciences, John Dickey, explains the mystery object could be "a piece of space junk" making its way into the atmosphere, the Daily Mail reports.

"It's definitely not a meteorite — they tend to look more like shooting stars. I wouldn't call it a contrail of a plane either," he adds. A space junk could include "old spacecraft" which had broken-off the upper stage of a rocket. Dickey explains that such materials are becoming common due to the increasing number of rocket launches from earth, the ABC reports.

Facebook users who checked aircraft flights say the UFO seen in Australia could be the Emirates Airbus A380 flight bound for Auckland. It was scheduled to be in the airspace about the time the phenomenon occurred. Another Facebook comment explains that the "fireball" was caused by the dawn sunlight reflecting the "wind drag over the wings" of a plane.

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