Overwatch Update: Here Are All The Changes In The Latest Patch

The latest Overwatch  update has just gone live and has given some vital changes to some characters with one omnic in particular. Beyond this, the new patch also brings in a new feature that lets players customize their own games.

Overwatch Patch Adds New Buffs And Nerf

One of the major features of the latest update is the buff to long-neglected hero, Bastion. PC Gamer reports that the new changes are to help the omnic feel more viable in combat as most players often overlook it during competitive matches. Bastion supposedly has a better chance of fighting in its Recon mode while it is more of a 'tank-buster' during Sentry mode.

To begin with, the changes to the said configuration revolve around a decreased deploy time from 1.5 to 1.0 seconds while its bullet spread increased by 50 percent. Similarly, its bullet spread will always be at maximum but the magazine size has increased from 200 to 300. Finally, the omnic no longer deals critical damage while in Sentry mode.

On the other hand, the Recon mode's bullet spread has decreased by a stunning 25 percent. Furthermore, Bastion's magazine has increased from 20 to 25, which gives it a bit more firepower when engaging against assailants.

The omnic's Self-Repair has also been buffed as it can now be used while moving and is bound to secondary fire instead of Ability 2. Moreover, the skill is no longer interrupted if Bastion takes damage, similar to Roadhog's healing ability, and also has a resource meter that depletes when the skill is active and vice versa. Finally, Bastion no longer has bonus armor when in Tank configuration but gains a new ability called "Ironclad," which lessens 35 percent damage taken while in Sentry or Tank mode.

Aside from the omnic, Roadhog's hooked has been nerfed as it pulls targets 3.5 meters away with the cooldown increased from six to eight seconds. To balance this, Blizzard has decreased the spread of his Scrap Gun by 20 percent. These changes ultimately reduce the power of his hook but make his weapon more effective.

That aside, the Korean gamer, D.Va, has gotten a slight buff with her Defense Matrix as she can absorb projectiles at point-blank range. Additionally, Mercy's Resurrect ability now grants her and her allies temporary invulnerability, which makes her ultimate feel a little less suicidal. Blizzard also addressed respawn delay that decreases the defenders' respawn time in Assault, Escort and Assault/Escort maps depending on the number of attacking players on the point.

Create Personal Matches Using The Game Browser

Finally, the patch brings in the highly-anticipated server browsers to the main game, as per Polygon. The new Game Browser feature allows players to have a free reign over games they want to make, be that Escort missions to Capture the Flag modes. Players can also modify the speed, health, ability cooldowns and hero selection for their own games.

Once fans successfully finish making a match, they can invite friends or leave the lobby open to the public for others to join. Players can easily filter and choose game modes by using the "Find Game" option. The Overwatch patch is now live along with the latest competitive season.

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