New Lego Set Honors Women Of NASA: Inspiration From Katherine Johnson

Awards night has been a spectacular event for celebrities. Thus, it illuminates more about their existence. However, the recent Oscars night paid tribute to the women who has more influence yet did not shine or known to all of us.

Finally, they can get the recognition they deserve with their very own LEGO collection. The company will produce a new line that aims to pay tribute to the women of NASA

Tribute To Women In STEM Profession

The newest collection from the company, as reported by Gizmodo, is a fan-designed LEGO ideas from a science editor and writer Maia Weinstock. Her pitch is to recognize women in STEM professions by honoring some of the most influential and important women who took the job at NASA. The design got 10,000 votes, enough for it to formally be considered by the toy company. LEGO has officially announced that her design will be formally added to their production after passing the review board.

The spirit of this collection is to honor women working in all fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. The five women on the list who contributed vital achievement in NASA's missions over the years include the following:

Katherine Johnson - a Mathematician and a Space Scientist. She is best known for calculating and authenticating trajectories for the Mercury and Apollo lineups including the Apollo 11 mission who in Science history first humans who landed on the moon. She was portrayed by the "Hidden Figures" actress Taraji P. Henson and was recently honored at this year's Academy Awards.

Margaret Hamilton - the Computer Scientist who "technologically advanced the onboard flight software for the Apollo missions to the moon" and "is known for promoting the modern idea of software."

Nancy Grace Roman - the Astronomer who is "one of the very first female officials at NASA" and known "as the "Mother of Hubble" for her role in the preparation of the Hubble Space Telescope, she also developed NASA's astronomy research module."

Sally Ride - Astronaut, Physicist, and Professor who became "the first American woman who reach outer space in 1983." She also "founded a community focusing on encouraging children particularly girls to practice science" after she retired.

Mae Jemison - Astronaut, Physician, and Entrepreneur who became "the first Afro-American woman in space in 1992." After retiring, she "established a company that develops new technologies and inspires students in the sciences."

The LEGO Ideas

While these pictures give us an idea of what the upcoming set might look like, LEGO says they are "still working out the final product plan, valuing, and obtainability for the Women of NASA set," and might come out this year or early 2018.

This recognition uplifts and inspires "Hidden Figures" to create and become a favorite movie of 2016, and Katherine Johnson's appearance at the Oscars was her moment on stage. LEGO is not only converting their toy image in the industry but it also exhibits important individuals who contributed big to our existence.

This will be a new generation of diversifying toys that could preserve the history by creating more interactive toys like LEGO does. It is natural to a company that recognizes such contribution thus fans are thankful to those who voted for this proposal and make it happen.

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