Must Have Nintendo Switch Accessories: Secondary Dock, Controller & A Carrying Case

The Nintendo Switch is just two days away from its official launch, but that only increases the hype surrounding the gaming console. And while the device has already been praised by several reports, accessories for the same have also been under the spotlight. There are some additional items that will make a gamer's experience more complete and holistic.

Time has suggested purchasing a secondary Switch Dock in particular, which will set back an individual by around US$89. The Dock will come with the cradle itself, as well as a power adapter and an additional HDMI cable. The additional purchase will allow players to set up the Switch virtually anywhere in their living are. One of the largest appeals of the console is that it easily converts from portable to home-based, so purchasing another Dock will make the experience more thrilling.

Another suggestion is the Switch Pro controller, which is an alternative to the Joy-Con controller that are bundled with the Nintendo Switch. It offers up to 40 hours of use on a single full charge and is sold with a rechargeable battery. Getting hold of the same will allow individuals to move past the process of having to pull the Joy-cons off the console tablet and onto the gamepad grip.

To keep the Nintendo Switch safe, it would be best to purchase a carrying case and a screen protector. The company is selling a bundled package worth US$19.99. It is unclear at this point how sturdy the device is and how scratch-proof its screen is, so it would be ideal to cover all necessary bases.

As noted by Tom's Hardware, Speedlink is also offering its own Glance Screen Protection Kit, which is bundled with a cleaning cloth and squeegee for the harder to reach spots. The company is also providing Nintendo Switch users with the ability to charge directly from their car, an option that would be useful during long trips. This will be beneficial particularly because Nintendo was unclear about how long the game console could last on a single charge, as it relies largely on what game is being played.

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