Facebook Live: Bernie Sanders, Bill Nye Slam Donald Trump Over Climate Change Facts

In a Facebook Live session, Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye have slammed the Donald Trump administration over climate change facts. According to the science educator, there could be "catastrophic" results for the planet, due to the administration's disregard to scientific facts. Nye, best known for "The Science Guy," said the United States could become a world leader in creating new jobs. The economic growth is possible because of climate change.

According to Nye, the rate in which the planet is getting warm is alarming. He also addressed the issue of sea level rise. He said the effect of global warming could have a devastating effect on those living near coastlines. Nye was speaking to Bernie Sanders, the Democrat who lost the nomination race to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Donald Trump has earlier ignored climate change facts and called it a hoax. There are speculations that he might pull out of the Paris Agreement. A number of his executive orders is believed to harm some of the environmental policies started by pro-climate change Barack Obama. In the last 167 years, 2016 was the warmest year, with melting ice and rising sea temperature like never before.

According to The Independent, the Arctic and the Antarctica had the amount of sea ice at a record low. These climate change facts have made scientists worried. They have started to believe that effect of global warming might be worse than previously thought.

Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye talked about the economic benefit of recognizing climate change. "Here is the thing that I find intriguing and important - these should be US jobs," Nye said on Facebook Live. "Even if the wind turbine blades are designed in Sweden or Finland or Denmark, you have to put them up, you have to erect the turbines here."

Bernie Sanders has been attacking Donald Trump over a number of issues. According to the Washington Post, the Democrat wants to boost U.S. health care with cheap imported drugs. A drug importation amendment was earlier rejected in the Senate, as 13 Democrats voted against it too.

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