After Being Ousted By ‘The Bachelor’ Nick Viall, Breakout Star Corinne Olympios To Star In Her Own Reality Show?

By Marian F. Roncesvalles , Mar 01, 2017 07:08 AM EST

Blondes have more fun indeed. "The Bachelor" breakout star Corinne Olympios definitely proves she gets what she wants when she does it her way. She has set social media on fire with her bold, sultry, and aggressive moves that have made Nick Viall blush on several occasions.

Corinne Olympios Was Sent Home On 'The Bachelor' February 27 Episode

It came as a shocker, though, when Corinne was sent home on "The Bachelor" February 27 episode, Monday. This raked in a lot of Twitter comments especially because she has actually gained a lot of following and even the envy and spite of fellow contestants and other women online.

According to ABC News, When Olympios had an appearance at "Good Morning America", February 28, she revealed that she somehow felt like "blindsided" during the elimination. "We had just had such an amazing hometown date, and things went really well with my family. I just thought we had a lot of fun," she quipped.

The 24-year-old bombshell had an amazing time with Nick Viall during their hometown date in Miami. They went shopping and they also dwell on emotional conversations which made her question why she was sent home. She even said "I love you" to Viall, at which she don't regret at all.

The Breakout Star Corinne Olympios: 'The Bachelor' Villainess?

Corinne has that uninhibited air of dominance and cunning confidence that could be mistaken as indifference or being over-the-top - but she doesn't really care what other contestants think of her as she is just being herself all the time. She had some conflict with other ladies in the show like Taylor Nolan who had doubts with her emotional intelligence and also slighted her having a promiscuous and pompous lifestyle, but she is quick to dismiss these with an air of confidence and sexiness that only Corinne can master and muster.

Yes, Corinne admits that she used her sexy image to grab Nick Viall's attention. Although this bold strategy might have worked for some time, the interest gradually waned. Known for her aggressive ploy, she tried a sexy trick during one of the rose elimination ceremonies. Corinne was wearing nothing much underneath but a trench coat, and then she sprayed some whipped cream on her cleavage. Her breast accidently popped out which made Nick red-faced. It was kind of a "spur of the moment"; according to Corinne.

The Next Bachelorette?

She felt like she could have missed something or might have pushed the wrong buttons - but she accepts and moves on from "The Bachelor" experience. When asked whether she would take on the offer to star as the next "Bachelorette": "Of course I would do it", she even added that "it's an amazing opportunity for anyone who gets asked."

Would this breakout star get to play the lead in her own reality show? Well, for someone who grabs the iron while it's hot, she definitely won't pass up the offer.

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