Vaping Rationale Explored In New Study

Vaping has become popular with people, especially with the younger ones. More people are turning to e-cigarettes to replace cigarette smoking. Vaping rationale has been explored in a new study.

People generally think that those who are into vaping are doing so in order to replace cigarette smoking. A new study looks more into the reasons why people are turning to e-cigarette. In the new study, the researchers use social media in order to get the reasons from those who vape themselves.

Most people who have responded to the study have said that they have turned to e-cigarettes in order to quit cigarettes. That is not the only reason why people turn to e-cigarettes though. Others who have responded say that they are attracted to the flavors offered by e-cigarettes. There are also those who simply join because it is the new trend for people.

The research has been done by John W. Ayers, a researcher from San Diego University and also a public health surveillance expert. Ayers and his colleagues have used Twitter in order to know what vapers think about e-cigarette use. Through Twitter, Ayers and other researchers have been able to get three million tweets about vaping from 2012 until 2015, according to the SDSU New Center.

The study has excluded anything that might not come from vapers themselves, such as spam and advertisements. The study focused mainly on those who are using e-cigarettes during that period. The main reason for people using e-cigarettes in 2012 was to quit cigarette smoking, with 43 percent of people saying that as their reason.

Second reason for people to use e-cigarettes is for popularity and image, which was at 21 percent. 14 percent have said that they use e-cigarettes for the flavors. By 2015 though, vapers have said that they predominantly use e-cigarettes for social image, as Science Daily reports. Fewer people have said that they use e-cigarettes to quit smoking.

The researchers have said that social media can be a good way to get data and responses from people. This can also allow them to be connected more to people. Through social media as well medical practitioners can give health information about vaping and e-cigarettes.

Vaping has become popular for many people today. Vaping rationale has been explored in a new study. A new study finds that statins do not affect lung cancer.

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