'Lethal Weapon' Season 1, Episodes 17 & 18 (Finale) Spoilers: Riggs Learns Shocking Detail Of His Wife's Death

Is it finally time for Riggs to move on with Miranda's death? The finale for "Lethal Weapon" season 1 will dig up on the death of Riggs wife and unborn child as he investigates a drug cartel. The series is set to end in two weeks with "Lethal Weapon" season 1, episodes 17 and 18.

The previous episodes introduced a new love interest for Riggs in the name of DEA Agent Karen Palmer (guest star Hilarie Burton). Riggs and his partner, Murtaugh has previously worked together with Palmer in some cases and Riggs started to think differently of Palmer and his future.

'Lethal Weapon' Season 1, Episode 17

Riggs and Murtaugh will team up again with Palmer in a new case. Spoilers reveal that the team will find new information about a dangerous drug cartel. The teaser promo for episode 17 shows some crazy scenes; explosions plus the partners falling off a building straight to the pool. Meanwhile, Riggs' feelings with Palmer will deepen. However, he will screw it up with his impulsive actions. He is still guilty of his wife's death. "Lethal Weapon" season 1, episode 17 titled "A Problem Like Maria" will air on Wednesday, March 8 at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

'Lethal Weapon' Season 1, Episode 18

According to the official synopsis via Spoiler TV, secrets on Miranda's death will be revealed in the finale episode. Fans will also get to see some flashback of the happy couple before the tragic incident. Riggs' search for an answer will bring him back to the drug cartel. This might finally bring closure to his old wound so he can move on with Palmer. Palmer is also set to appear in the finale. Meanwhile, Murtaugh will be torn between Riggs and his family. The promotional photos show a beaten up Murtaugh and the two which looks like they are in a raid. "Lethal Weapon" season 1, episode 18 titled "Commencement" will air March 15.

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