Apple iPad Pro Latest Ad Says There's No Need For Printers

Apple released the latest of its series of ads for the upcoming iPad Pro. This time, the company is taking a shot at printers.

The upcoming iPad Pro won't be revealed until sometime this month or the next but Apple is already spiking up interest on its next flagship tablet with a number of hilarious advertisements. Apple's new ad campaign makes use of real tweets by real people who are skeptical of the tablet being pushed as a replacement for a computer. The latest ad put a target on public or shared printers.

The new 15-second video features Twitter user @ROSESplease's post about the unethical yet common workplace scenario of printing personal things on the office printer and having to be on guard unless a co-worker walks in and discovers the deed. The iPad Pro solves that problem by offering a way to have important documents signed and delivered without having to print them. This is possible with the help of the Apple Pencil which can be used to place one's John Hancock on a digital copy of a document which can then be sent through email.

The campaign kicked off last month with an ad that pokes fun at Twitter user's @NaskarrKid's The tweet said that the iPad Pro is nothing like a computer. Apple countered by saying that the tweet is correct because the tablet is, in fact, not a computer. The voiceover enumerates some of the features that make the iPad Pro better than a computer including the fact that the tablet is faster than most laptops, has LTE, and has a touchscreen.

Another tweet by @kschwizz said she has slow Wi-Fi at home so she has to study at the gym which, presumably, has better Wi-Fi. The ad then said that iPad Pro owners do not need to hunt for Wi-Fi because it has LTE which provides the internet anytime anywhere. Twitter user @CapitanLawl asked in a tweet if Microsoft Word is on the iPad. The ad straightforwardly answered him by saying that MS Word can be downloaded from the App Store and that it works with the Apple Pencil. Finally, @Shanafigueroa said that she is terrified because her laptop has a virus. Apple agreed and then boasted that the iPad Pro does not get PC viruses.

According to rumors, Apple is expected to unveil three new iPads real soon. One of these new tablets is the 10.5-inch iPad Pro 2 which is rumored to come with 2,224 x 1,668 pixels or a 264ppi resolution. Along with the improved pixel density, the iPad Pro 2 will also have smaller bezels. Another rumor that surfaced late last year indicated that the new iPad will ditch the home button.

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