Randy Orton Showed To Bray Wyatt Why He Is Called The Viper, WWE Superstar Released

If there is one thing that Bray Wyatt should have known even before is, he should not have trust the Viper, Randy Orton. Last night, Orton showed why he is one of the most unpredictable WWE superstars in history.

Bray Wyatt’s Biggest Mistake

Perhaps “The Eater Of Worlds” needs a history lesson as he forgot who Randy Orton is. Orton is known as the Legend Killer, Apex Predator, and The Viper. All of those monickers have the same characteristics. Cold-blooded and straight out vicious. Randy Orton doesn’t care if he is going against the strongest WWE superstar, the Authority or even the Phenom. Randy Orton does things in his way. It was just about a matter of time when he made a move against the World Heavyweight Champion Bray Wyatt.

Randy Orton Will Always Be The Viper

Almost everybody thought that Randy Orton has sold his soul to “The Eater Of Worlds”. He even kneeled down in front of Bray Wyatt to show his utmost respect and loyalty. However, fans who followed Randy Orton knows that The Viper can strike anywhere at any time. John Cena and other superstars have already stated before that Randy Orton is a mad scientist. Not only he is capable of defeating anybody but he can also manipulate and decapitate his opponents by playing mind games.

Triple Threat Match For The World Heavyweight Championship

Randy Orton will be facing Bray Wyatt at the main event of Wrestlemania 33. The only problem is, AJ Styles just won his qualifying match against Luke Harper. Is WWE preparing the WWE Universe for a triple threat match at Wrestlemania? If this happens, it could be one of the most epic triple threat match in WWE history.

Jack Swagger Released By WWE

Also, former World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Swagger asked for his released the other day. The All-American American felt that he is being misused and his talents are being wasted by WWE. Swagger confirmed that the released was approved by WWE and they are already parting ways.

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