Fast RMX To Feature 50 Songs; But Will Still Be 900 MB

In just a few days, Nintendo Switch will be out in the market. One of the indie games that will be part of the release is Fast RMX  by Shin'en Multimedia. The cool racing game maybe one of the few games that will occupy small memory space.

Shin'en Multimedia Made Fast RMX Just 900 MB

As earlier confirmed, Fast RMX will be part of Nintendo Switch. If the players are wondering how big the game will be, then they will be shocked to know that it will only eat up 900MB of the upcoming console. This means that players can download more games.

As per Destructoid, Fast RMX will have up to 50 songs that players can listen to when they are playing. But it is quite surprising because how is it possible for the game created to play at 1080p and 60 fps with music in it? One thing is for sure, Shin'en Multimedia did something extraordinary.

However, others are figuring out how did the developer achieved that for Fast RMX. All the players need to do now is to wait for Nintendo Switch to finally be available since the Shin'en Multimedia's game is only for the upcoming console.

Other Indie Games Coming In Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is helping the indie companies who are developing incredible video games that are sometimes neglected by other gamers. The Japanese company calls the collection of indie games Nindies Showcase. Over 60 games will be included in Switch.

Some of the games included in Nindies Showcase are Runner 3, Shakedown Hawaii, Yooka-Laylee, Blaster Master Zero, Stardew Valley and Overcooked. Nintendo further stated that it will not include it in Switch if the games are not worth playing.

Hopefully, players will be able to enjoy all the games especially Fast RMX because Shin'en Multimedia added exciting tracks to make their gameplay more interesting. Other than that, Nintendo Switch has many games to offer to its fans.

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