Sony PlayStation 5 Coming In 2019 At The Earliest

The PlayStation 5 is not due for at least two more years. This is what a well-known yet infamous industry analyst has predicted.

Sony's follow-up to the successful PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro consoles will be released in 2019 at the earliest claims of Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter. Sony is supposedly biding its time before going full throttle with the PlayStation 5. Rumors have it that the gaming giant is waiting for Microsoft's Project Scorpio to be unveiled before deciding whether to speed things up or not. According to Pachter, he believes that Sony will first see what the Scorpio will offer and how it will perform. If the company deems it to be better than what it is supposedly working on, then they'll probably make the necessary adjustments.

Pachter also determined his prediction based on the 4K technology. The notorious industry analyst believes that the state of 4K TV will also be a major factor for future consoles. He thinks that 4K broadcast will not be a thing until 2020. Although more and more companies are exploring 4K tech nowadays, Pachter doubts it will peak this year and next.

Another factor that Pachter considered is the backward compatibility. Game Reactor noted that Pachter explained in his show, "Pachter Factor," that all PS5 software should work on the PS4 Pro the same way that every game for the PS4 Pro was made compatible with the PS4.

According to PlayStation Universe, the PS4 has sold more than 53 million units all over the world since its release in November 2013. It took three years before Sony came up with the PS4 Pro. The current pattern dictates that the PS5 will make it to store shelves in 2019 which coincides with Pachter's prediction.

While Sony is in a wait-and-see approach, Microsoft and Nintendo are set to unleash their own much-awaited video game consoles in the Scorpio and Switch, respectively. Pachter also mentioned that Microsoft may release the Xbox 2 in 2020 which also concurs with Pachter's belief that new consoles will be released every three years.

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