Is Immortality Possible? Russian Billionaire Dmitry Itskov Plans 2045 Initiative (VIDEO)

Russian Billionaire Dmitry Itskov is the founder of the 2045 Initiative which he explains is a way to extend the human life. Immortality is the key goal of his project, creating replicas of human beings, what he deems the next step in human evolution.

So far, over 20,000 people have signed up in support of the 2045 Initiative that intends to use android bodies to obtain immortality. Partnering for the project are many Russian specialists in various fields including robotics, artificial organs and neural interfaces.

Dmitry Itskov's 2045 Initiative states that the creation of "avatars" is needed to overcome existing threats to the environment and the human species. Creating his very own political party, "Evolution 2045", Itskov point to the anthropological, economic, political, ecological and genetic global crises humanity currently faces.

According to the goals set by the 2045 initiative, between  the years 2015-2020, affordable android "avatars" controlled by a brain-computer interface will become widely used. These will allow people to do many things, such as work in dangerous environments or perform rescue missions.

By the year 2045, "substance-independent minds will receive new bodies with capacities far exceeding those of ordinary humans. A new era for humanity will arrive," reads the 2045 Initiative website.

Itskov takes into account human transformation from all aspects and pointed to the Neolithic revolution, the first spiritual revolution and the industrial revolution. Itskov's idea of a "neo-humanity" evolution is based on five principles including high spirituality, high culture, high ethics, high science and high technologies.  

"Neo-humanity will change the bodily nature of the human being, and make them immortal, free, playful, independent of limitations of space and time. These transformations will not restrict the individuality and freedom of each separate person, but on the contrary will ensure maximum creative development and reveal their unlimited potential," Itskov said.


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