New Anti-Ageing Treatment For The Heart

Scientists have identified a growth hormone that may help reverse age-related heart failure.

Ageing impacts the body in more ways than one, and anti-ageing creams don't necessarily reverse all of that. However, things are about to change, all thanks to a new study that has identified a growth hormone that can help reverse the effects of ageing for the heart.

The growth hormone GFD011 is thought to reduce age-related heart conditions in mice, however, further research is yet to be carried out to prove its efficiency in humans.

This growth hormone, when given to old mice, managed to miraculously reverse the ageing process of the heart, making it as efficient and as strong as a young mouse, Richard Lee, the study's lead author suggests claims.

The reversal was first noticed when the researchers combined the bloodstreams of young and old mice, and were amazed to notice how the heart of the old mice showed conditions similar to that of a young, healthy heart.

Today, when cardiovascular diseases are making up for a good portion of lifestyle related disorders, a cure like this would be amazingly helpful.

Also, statistics indicate a steep rise in the numbers of those suffering from this condition, making the need for development of new treatment options even more essential.

This study, which involved transferring blood from young mice to the bloodstream of older ones has already demonstrated age-reversal effects, which is why, this study is often referred to as 'vampire study.'  

"We have been working on this concept for several years that there was something in the young blood that could turn the clock back," Lee said.

The effectiveness of this hormone on humans is yet to be known, but scientists are currently working on it.

Heart failure, a condition wherein the heart is unable to pump out enough blood to meet the body's needs, can be treated by very limited means, which is why there is a constant need for new, innovative and easier methods for its treatment to be developed.

Hopefully, in the near future, treating age-related heart failure would be as easy as injecting the patient with blood from a young, healthy individual.

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