‘The Bachelor’ Season 21: Raven Gates' Ex Cries Foul Over ‘No Orgasm’ Claim

Right after Nick Viall sent Corinne Olympios home, tweets flooded the social media stream with 25-year-old ‘The Bachelor' star Raven Gates' revelation on Monday night episode that she has never had an orgasm with ex-boyfriend, Hunter Henry. Raven further mentioned that he has been with only one man in his life and that she has never told him "I love you" and has faked her orgasms with his ex-beau.

Hunter Henry Retaliates And Says Raven Lied About Having "No Orgasms"; Reveals That She Said "I Love You" Countless Times

Nick blushed and felt awkward about Raven's revelation and said something like not actually expecting that - which is also exactly what Hunter Henry felt right at that moment. On the hot seat, Hunter told Us Weekly that "Comments made by Raven about our relationship are skewed and untrue. Definitely not true about the whole orgasm thing. And she has told me she loved me multiple times, just for the record."

Hunter's relationship with Raven lasted for two years and with this statement, he is implying that she is lying about the "no orgasm" issue but still wishes her all the best. Women proverbially do this all the time - fake orgasms. In fact, a study in 2011 reveals that around 80 percent of women do this like half the time when they are having sexual intercourse.

"The Bachelor" Star Nick Viall Gave Raven Gates A Fantasy Suite Card - "Challenge Accepted"

"The Bachelor" star Nick Viall took the remaining three ladies - Rachel, Vanessa, and Raven - to Finland. He took Raven to the mountains, played darts, and then shared an intimate dinner where Raven dropped the no-orgasm bomb right on his face. This probably worked out to Raven's advantage because she got herself a Fantasy Suite card which is like Nick's way of saying "challenge accepted".

Earlier, Raven mentioned that he hit a guy with a stiletto after catching him making out with another woman. This definitely is a good way to get even with a cheating ex, right? There is really no way to tell whether she faked it or not, even Hunter wouldn't be able to know for sure. Is this a sexy ploy to challenge Nick into taking care of the orgasm part by passing her the Fantasy Suite card? Interesting curve ahead.

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