'Suits' Season 7: What's Ahead For Mike And Harvey? New Characters; Possible Release Date

"Suits" season 6 finale wrapped up this neatly week. With Mike finally becoming a full-fledged lawyer, the series abandoned its original premise of Mike being a fraud and closing cases without a degree. However, the series still has a lot of stories to tell. In a recent interview, showrunner Aaron Korsh revealed what's ahead for "Suits" season 7.

'Suits' Season 7 Plot

Korsh revealed season 7 will feature Mike's life as a real full-fledged lawyer. He will be stepping out of the shadows and work without the burden of getting caught. He will also gain more confidence. As for Harvey, spoilers reveal he will have some sort of conflict with Mike. In the finale, Mike agreed to return working with the firm however, there is a condition -- he would be working on cases from Nathan's legal clinic too. It might start out fine but they would be at odds soon. Meanwhile, Mike's fiancé, Rachel, will soon become a lawyer too and work alongside them.

New Characters

Korsh hinted fans would see new faces in "Suits" season 7. He revealed Harvey and Louis will be bringing someone in -- a partner or an associate. "They hired these new associates and there's room for them to grow a little bit and bring in a new partner or two, and certainly a new character or two," Korsh told Deadline. He added they are still looking into who will portray the characters and they already have the vague idea on how the characters will be. Meanwhile, Korsh teased there is also a possibility of Jessica returning in season 7

Release Date

There is no official announcement on the release date of the new season yet. "Suits" season 7 and a potential season 8 was renewed by USA Network as early as August 2016. There are speculations it would premiere in June or July, which is the traditional premiere date of all previous "Suits" series.

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