Meizu's Super mCharge Can Fully Charge Your Phone In Just 20 Minutes

Nowadays, fast charging is getting really well and fast. It seems like every smartphone that comes out has some new version of fast charging tech with bigger numbers. At MWC 2017 on Tuesday, Meizu unveiled its Super mCharge technology that claimed fully charging a smartphone in just 20 minutes. Moreover, it is said to be much faster than VOOC and Quick Charge technologies.

Meizu Announced It's 'Super mCharge' Fast Charging Solution 

According to Meizu, it only takes 20 minutes to completely charge a smartphone equipped with Super mCharge. During its demo at MWC, Meizu tried ou this charging technology on a smartphone packed with a 3000mAh battery. The smartphone charged up to 30 percent in a quick five minutes, 60 percent in ten minutes, 85 percent as fast as fifteen minutes, and completely charged in a span of twenty minutes. This is a big milestone for the company. Also, we expect its future smartphone to come with Super mCharge embedded. Meizu is using a charge pump, a type of DC to DC converter that utilizes an external circuit to control the connection of capacitors to the input voltage.

Meizu Assures Super mCharge Is Reliable, Safe And Energy Efficient

Furthermore, Meizu promises that the Super mCharge, the successor to its mCharge technology, is reliable, safe and more energy efficient. It uses only half as much the electric current and allows 98 percent super high efficiency. In addition, tt also keeps the phone cool charging at a maximum of 39 degrees, keeping off the smartphone to heat up due to fast charging. For comparison, Oppo's VOOC fast charging technology was unveiled last year at MWC, and it suggested to completely charge a smartphone with a 2500mAh battery in just 15 minutes. As of now, no confirmation from Meizu yet as to when an actual device with the new technology is coming to the market.


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