UFO News: Giant 2-Mile Wide ‘Alien’ Spotted Moving Along Pacific Seafloor

A significant number of experts have long been convinced of the fact that humanity has yet to explore all of what the ocean has to offer until a group of UFO enthusiasts have suggested that aliens may have already beaten us to it. The group has recently claimed that thousands of miles below the North Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of California, lies what a Martian researcher believes is a two and a half mile wide crawling circle. That said, the conspiracy theorist has claimed that the anomaly is now under an artificial control and is being parked outside of what could allegedly be an alien base.

A Giant UFO Moving Along Pacific Seafloor

In one of his statements reported by The Daily Express, following after it has reached the attention of a renowned team of alien investigators named SecureTeam10, a man named Tyler, who allegedly helps run the internet investigations site, said that there are certain areas of the ocean that are obviously blurred out. Tyler explains that while we are preoccupied by staring at the sky all day and worrying about what's up there, we have 90 percent of our oceans which are still unchartered. He added that at the moment, no one has ever the concrete idea what could be found in these areas claiming that we have a lot of mysterious UFO phenomena happening in our oceans.

Furthermore, according to the Daily Mail, while looking at the footage, Tyler describes that there are some very unusual lines that almost look like a large vehicle was moving on the bottom of the ocean. Additionally, although some have already claimed that they are just sonar lines that has been created by oceans scanning the ocean floor, the SecureTeam10 member continues to explain that some of these tracks seemingly appears to have been intentionally dug into the soil and are even complete with shadows and basically look like massive trenches that aren't just images artifacts or sonar readings or anything like that. As per Tyler, there's also some zigzagging look that moves around the ocean floor as if it was under some artificial control, intelligent control.

Underwater Life

Meanwhile, despite the fact that not everyone has been convinced, Tyler was not the only one who made this speculation. Marcelo Igazusta, a researcher from Argentina, was the first to lay eyes on the mysterious underwater structure, which has been discovered last month. Ultimately, it was through the coordinates 12 ° 8'1.49 'N 119 ° 35'26.39' W where Igazusta has claimed to have spotted a beam of light shining from the darkness of the Pacific Ocean just west of Mexico which has then led him to this so-called monumental discovery.


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