NASA Released Software Tools For Free

NASA has just published on Wednesday, Mar. 3, its 2017-2018 software catalog that lists over 1,000 code descriptions related to topics such as aeronautics, robotics, guidance systems, design tools, biological sensors and climate simulators. The many tools, code libraries and apps are pretty much open to anyone can download and use for free.

NASA's Free Software Tools

According to CNET, the codes are free but come with different levels of access restrictions. Some are restricted for use by other federal agencies and some are open to all U.S. citizens. Some tools are open source and others are available to people outside the U.S.

Those interested can download the open-source material directly, but many items require at least the creation of an account. Most of the software tools and apps are pretty closely tied to space exploration. However, there are a few items that might prove useful to anyone.

Some Free NASA Apps That Could Prove Useful

According to Tech Crunch, the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems File Delivery Protocol is a software tool for retrieving large files to and from spacecraft. The application ensures the integrity of the files transferred. It could be useful for someone building a drone.

PixelLearn is a software tool useful once you've got the imagery on the ground. The application allows users to set rules about certain pixels and patterns. The tool can automatically find and categorize buildings, craters and so on.

For multispectral, imagery can be used the Lossless Hyper-/Multi-Spectral Data Compression Software. To use with stereoscopic cameras, JPL's Stereo Vision Software can prove useful as well. The Video Image Stabilization and Registration helps to keep the image and video recording steady under turbulence.

For those who are putting together a fleet of drones, a useful app can be the Formation Flying System for UAVs and Satellites. This tool is a mesh communication architecture. It allows multiple vehicles to maintain a formation and operate in tandem.

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