Mercedes Benz Recalls More Than 300,000 Cars Due To Fire Risk

Mercedes-Benz vehicles across different areas in the United States will soon be recalled due to a potential fire risk. Mercedes-Benz, one of the well-known global automobile manufacturer issued a recall on all its 354,434 examples of late model vehicles from the year 2015 to 2017. Those included in the recall are the vehicles with dates between February 2014 and February 2017.

Mercedes Benz Recalls More Than 300,000 Cars

According to CNET, the issue first comes from the engine starter. Once the starter of the vehicle is blocked due to a transmission damage, any succeeding starting attempts might transmit a very high current through the starter's current limiter. Repeated tries in order to crank the engine might overheat the limiter and will lead for the surrounding components to melt then start a fire.

As of today, there is a total of 51 reported fires, 30 of which originated from different US market. Mercedes-Benz gives its announcement right after the report and said that they will fix the issue by installing an extra fuse in the electrical line leading to the starter of the vehicles. The automaker will also issue notices to all the owners this month, and the needed replacement parts are supposed to arrive this summer.

Inclusion In The Mercedes-Benz Recall

As reported by CNN, the recall will include certain Mercedes-Benz models such as C- and E-Class vehicles. Also, CLA, GLA and GLC vehicles and included in the list. On Friday, the automaker said that the recall also includes an approximately 700,000 vehicles from the other countries.

"This situation typically occurs in the rare situation where a vehicle is stranded in a significant amount of standing water and the engine stalls and cannot be restarted on the first try," said a spokesperson from the company. Mercedes-Benz said it's currently unaware of any injuries as well as deaths resulting from the occurred issue. This recall is voluntary, and the firm said the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been notified and will help them carry out the recalls.


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