Bing UK And NHS Partner Up For Easy Hospital And GP Searches

It's now easier to look for neaby GPs and hospitals as Bing Uk and the NHS collaborate to give you your medical searches needs. The publicly-funded National Health Service (NHS) has been working with Bing UK during the last year to offer such service. Now, search results for general practitioner and hospital queries will give more pertinent data that will help patients in looking for hospital services of their preference.

According to the NHS, included in Bing's new features are a list of local options when you look for data for GPs. Clicking on the options will give you more information on specific locations of Gps, their open times, and user reviews. Same goes for hospital queries on the search engine.

Bing UK and NHS strive to give the public wider options that are informed and to their best interest. “Over the last year, we have collaborated with our friends at Bing to provide users with a comprehensive GP and hospital search experience,” a recent post on the NHS Choices blog reports. This recent joining of forces of two big names in the technology and medical industry is a big step in improving data access, the Search Engine Land reports.

SImilarly, to improve access of health data, NHS health organization Salford Royal have also partnered with Validic to use their data connectivity platform. The collaboration will integrate patient-generated health data from wearables, in-home medical devices and consumer health apps to increase health service quality. Specifically, the advanced system will identify how patient's daily data can lead to better outcomes in patient care as well as cost reductions, the Mobi Health News reports.

The recent separate partnerships of Bing UK, NHS, and Validic use fairly straightforward technology to improve data access. The aim is to easily see things like medical services options and clinical workflow integration adapted system wide. Additionally, the new system saves everyone a lot of time and makes it frictionless for all people involved.

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