Amazon’s Founder, Jeff Bezos, Looks Forward to Delivering Products to Dwellers on the Moon

Jeffery P. Bezos, the founder of space company Blue Origin, is not competing with SpaceX's founder Elon Musk to take people and cargo to Mars at the moment. He is only trying to deliver cargo to the moon in the next couple of years and perhaps also deliver humans to the lunar surface to occupy the moon as a dwelling place. Bezos is also the founder of and the owner of The Washington Post.

Since President Donald Trump came to power, there have been scurries of activities by private space companies to dominate deep space again. This becomes imperative since NASA has decided to partner with private companies to ferry cargo to the International Space Station and humans to the Moon and Mars among other hospitable planets. Meanwhile, SpaceX has been showing the most promise in these regards and other companies are now coming up from the rear to challenge its frontline position in space shuttles.

Blue Origin submits a seven-page proposal to NASA

In a seven-page proposal submitted to NASA, Blue Origin made it clear that "it is time for America to return to the moon - this time to stay." The last time Americans visited the moon was on July 16, 1969 during the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. Back then, the four American astronauts had only planted the American flag on the lunar surface after setting foot for the first time on the moon and then returned home. Bezos thinks it is high time Americans returned to the moon again to set up a colony, The Washington Post reports.

Blue Origin to deliver products and people to the moon

Well, maybe it is not Amazon products for now, but Blue Origin is sure determined to deliver scientific experiments and gear and other cargo as well as habitats for eventual human settlement on the moon by July 2020. And who knows, Amazon products as you know them might follow after in the distant future. Blue Origin is however starting off with delivering cargo and gears and experiments to the moon before crewed missions come up after.

Meanwhile, SpaceX is currently planning to fly to two NASA scientists or two private citizens on a sightseeing tour around the moon by 2018 - apart from plans to fly people to Mars soon. Blue Origin however is planning to transport people who would set up a colony there within a few years from now. According to Bezos, "I think that if you go to the moon first, and make the moon your home, then you can get to Mars more easily."

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