Dota 2: Is There Something Wrong With The Kiev Major Direct Invitation?

The Kiev Major is the last Dota 2 Major Event before the International 2017 and both fans and players are enthralled by the fact that this event will mark the first Dota 2 Major to be held in the CIS region. With the grand event nearing, PGL has announced the direct invitees of Kiev Major which revealed eight prominent teams in the current scene. Apparently, aside from anticipation, the announcement was shrouded by disappointment with some claiming that the invitation wasn't properly analyzed. Is there really something wrong with the Kiev Major direct invitation?

Dota 2: Kiev Major

With the conclusion of the Boston Major, Valve announced that they will be making significant changes for the next major, one in particular, is the removal of one Major Event which brings it down to a total of three - making Kiev Major the last Valve-hosted tournament before the International 2017. Surprisingly enough, the Kiev Major will also be the first to feature a separate CIS and South American Qualifiers - paving the way to more diverse teams within the competitive scene.

With the revamp of the existing system, many fans were excited about the event - until today. Hours ago, PGL has just released the names of the eight teams qualified for a direct invite for the Kiev Major. These teams are OG, Ad Finem, Team Liquid, Evil Genuises, Digital Chaos, Newbee, VG.J and Wings Gaming.

Although most names didn't come as a surprise; considering how these teams have been dominating the scene for the past months, one team stood out from the crowd after being deemed as "underqualified."

Dota 2: Underqualified Invitee?

According to some fans, Wings Gaming has been underwhelming in the past few months as compared to TnC - which the latter has been cementing their names in the global scene. After their splendid performance in World Electronic Sports Games 2016 where they won against Cloud9 in the grand finals, the team continued to display its prowess during the Starladder i-League StarSeries Season 3; where they placed third and fourth place.

Some argued that while these performances are not as stellar as the other teams from the list, it's not also as meager as that of Wings Gaming - which placed third and fourth on all Premiere events following the Boston Major.

But it's worth noting that although Wings Gaming has been underwhelming in the past months, the team has won the International 2016 which basically cemented their name as one of the best teams in the world. And so, the question is, does the aforementioned team really underqualified?

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