‘Star Wars’ Episode 8 Latest News And Updates: Snoke To Be Seen In His Scar-Free And Non-CGI Self? Boyega Leaks Frustrating Scenes

There is new information about Supreme Leader Snoke of the upcoming "Star Wars" Episode 8. This enigmatic character was seen on a limited scale in episode 7 and he was mostly CGI-ed. But there are recent leaks suggesting that he will be seen in his real physical self.

A Type Of Snoke Suit Was Built

According to some rumors of "Star Wars" Episode 8, a type of Snoke suit was built in Pinewood Studios that will be used for shooting. Obviously, this will be used by the film crew as a physical representation of the Supreme Leader. There is also a report that says it was used in a scene where there were lots of fast and intense actions.

Snoke May Be Involved In A Personal Fight

This led some to believe that Snoke will probably be personally involved in a battle in "Star Wars" Episode 8. One theory is that the particular battle will be a fight him and Luke Skywalker, the veteran Jedi Master. But this theory also stated that this fight between the two could be one of the flashbacks that will be seen in the upcoming movie.

John Boyega Shared Some Information In Social Media

Meanwhile, John Boyega, who will reprise his role as Finn in "Star Wars" Episode 8, has also leaked information about the scenes he has already shot for the movie. It seems that he was disappointed with some of the scenes he has already made. He posted his image on his Instagram account with some captions that revealed his feelings.

His Picture Revealed Something Intriguing

The picture showed him looking frustrated in front of an illustration of himself with the word "BIO-HEXACRYPT" underneath. Boyega captioned his picture with "A gift from @riancjohnson expressing my frustration with the most complex Star Wars lingo. You'll find out later."

It Could Refer To Finn Using Another's DNA

For those who still don't know, Rian C. Johnson is the director of "Star Wars" Episode 8. But for fans who are in the know, the cryptic word underneath the image of Boyega meant using another's DNA to gain access to something secure. So, fans have speculated that it could refer to Finn being able to enter a secure First Order military base.


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