'House Of Cards' In A Bad Position After Ex-Creator Beau Willimon Requested Pres. Donald Trump's Twitter Account Be Deleted

"House of Cards" is once again mentioned in a new war between its former creator Beau Willimon and new U.S. president, Donald Trump. The former creator has requested Pres. Trump's Twitter account be deleted as Willimon noted down a 16-point argument why he should be kicked out of social media. The fate of Willimon's worldwide acclaimed "House of Cards" is then in question as Trump has reportedly manifested his power on targeting those who go against him.

The pilot of "House of Cards" season 5 has already been ordered, and it is running without its original creator, Beau Willimon. However, Willimon's latest bout against Pres. Donald Trump on Twitter is reviving previous talks about the series' fate claiming it will be axed when its creator continues to bash the president. This was however been debunked already since Willimon is no longer a part of the political drama even if its plot is continuously speculated to contain parts that would depict Trump's electoral victory and reign.

Willimon has been rumored once to start an opposition group that intends to go against Pres. Donald Trump. The 39-year-old screenwriter has however kept mum about the issues, but recently, he took to social media his thoughts about the president.

Willimon recently wrote in Twitter a 16-point argument as to why the president's Twitter accounts @realDonaldTrump and @POTUS should be deleted. He has criticized Donald trump's "tantrum" where the president accused Barack Obama with wiretapping him during the 2016 U.S. election.

Among his strongest arguments were Pres. Trump's tweets containing misleading claims and threats against sovereign states, the press and the public which likewise serves as a national threat. He also pointed out how Trump manifested hateful conduct on social media and has violated several Twitter rules. Willimon expressed how the president has become impulsive, reckless, delusional and ignorant about the government.

Many Twitter users are aware on how active Pres. Trump is on the social media site. He has been bringing his rants to the site where Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of his previous topics. His tweets then reportedly provoked the "Celebrity Apprentice" host to strike back at him. Following this, fans of the politcal drama are quite worried that it may become a target of the president's next attack, most especially that its story arc is rumored to contain his reign.

Following the president's tweets, a survey made in January showed that over 60% of Twitter users want his accounts be deleted. Willimon concluded his tweet by challenging the president to do his part in protecting the world by being more responsible on his posts. This is not the first time for Willimon to stand against the president though. He has already made a 25-point call for impeachment in the past where he listed things that makes him an anti-Trump citizen.

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