Two New Heroes Coming To For Honor Via DLC Revealed

Ubisoft's latest title For Honor is among the highly talked about titles of today. While many have grown attached to it, there are still who doubt its potential. But hey, regardless, there's no stopping the studio from making it big. That's because two of the newest classes of the game are about to arrive. And yes, they're deadly, so to speak.

According to PCGamesN, the forthcoming DLC heroes of the game have been revealed following a leak online. These characters are specifically for the game's season pass. They've been featured in what appears to be internal screenshots, which have been uploaded by a player on Reddit.

As per the images, it's safe to say that the two new For Honor classes are the Centurion and the Ninja. The former is packed with heavy armor along with a helmet that covers the hero's face, only with a mask of sort. While there's no distinct view of his weapon, it can be ferreted out that there's a shaft of weapon right behind his head. Being the kind of character that he is, the primary weapon could either be a javelin called Pilum or a thrusting spear called hasta. It's worth noting that these weapons both hail from Rome.

The Ninja, on the other hand, is more like the usual shinobi. Wearing a trademark ninja mask, he also comes with a leather armor while wielding a chain sickle or commonly known as kusarigama. Based on the design, this hero could be an expert at mid-range. Or perhaps, Ubisoft will introduce a surprising element.

As of this writing, no certain gameplay footage has been released or revealed for the two forthcoming For Honor heroes. PVPLive, however, reports that based on the images, their identity in fighting can be easily guessed. It's also worth noting that these two characters are the first of the new heroes, which have already been confirmed to be a total of six.

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